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what we do

Our programming supports equality and diversity in the cannabis industry through policy, education, and connection. See programming descriptions in more detail below.

our goals

what we want


Representation of minorities among cannabis business employees, owners and investors


Cannabis perception and education among minority populations


About cannabis access and medical consumption among minority populations

"mcba is working to ensure more visibility, more accessibility and more representation."

- Jason Ortiz, Founding Board Member and Policy Director

our programming

what we offer


The most effective method of cannabis industry growth within equality and diversity is through fair policies and regulations. Each state with a legal cannabis industry begins by creating policies and laws that either support equality and diversity or block them. MCBA will:

• Work directly with local representatives to support fair implementation and enforcement of sensible cannabis policies

• Provide resources for governments and citizens to design and advocate for better policies.

To see more on MCBA’s policy resources, CLICK HERE


Providing our members with reliable information including:

• How to start and develop a cannabis business

• Data, facts, and resource links that provide an assessment of the cannabis landscape in North America as it impacts minorities and women

• Using cannabis to treat and manage illnesses that are more prevalent in people of color.

To see more on MCBA’s educational resources, CLICK HERE


Harness the power of MCBA’s network to connect cannabis enthusiasts of color to the resources and businesses that can assist them.

• Connecting members to cannabis enthusiasts and experts through networking events and business spotlights. See MCBA’s upcoming events here.

• Connecting members to financial tools and information to jumpstart and grow their business - Available at SERIOUS and DEVOTED membership levels. To view available financial resources, CLICK HERE

• Connecting consumers, patients and cannabis business owners with responsible cannabis businesses of ideal values and practices. View our business directory list HERE

• Connecting organizations searching for cannabis businesses and experts of color for investment opportunities and as employees, speakers and more. If you are looking for cannabis industry speakers of color, send us an email at